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Where additive manufacturing and fashion meet, you will find Julia Daviy. As an emerging thought leader in the worlds of 3D printing, environmental science, and fashion design, Julia’s award-winning approach to sustainable clothing and accessories have caught the attention of industry leaders around the globe, and her work continues to inspire others who share her vision for a zero-impact and positive-impact society. 
"I want to help you to see 3D printing and other tech as I see it and to use the potential of these technologies and my techniques for greater products, your own business and creation of the next generation of sustainable fashion."
Here are the works illustrating some Julia Daviy's approaches, most of which she is pioneering. 
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"I consider the knowledge of computational design and additive manufacturing as well as the knowledge in the field of the environmental and social impact of products as NEW ESSENTIAL skills for every fashion designer and fashion company manager." 
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